Web Application and Database Performance Tuning

Dont crush in production, find and fix performance issues early in the development cycle.

Database Performance Root Cause Analysis

Database performance tuning consulting.

Performance means many things to different organizations, when we refer to database performance, we mean response time, throughput, and scalability.

Has the application response time changed and you are not sure what is the cause? Has your throughput lowered over a period of time? Have you thrown more hardware resources to improve performance and you have reached the max? We can help you with root cause analysis on your databases.

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Database Performance and Query Tuning

Performance tuning needs to be a proactive process not reactive.

There are several factors that can impact the performance of an application. Database performance and query tuning are the two areas organization can achieve astronomical gains in application performance. Our database performance and query tuning process is proactive and our strategy starts by creating a baseline for your workload, monitoring the workload, and then detecting, isolating and troubleshooting performance problems.

At the end of the performance tuning exercise, we will produce a detailed report with the findings and recommendations to fix the performance issues.

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Performance Tuning Web Applications

Maximize your hardware resources by optimizing your code.

Slow web applications mean lost revenue, in today's world, users are used to instant and responsive applications. Just adding more hardware resources is not the solution to performance problems, it might work in the short term but the real issues still exists.

We have a proven track record of helping clients scale their web application by as much as 10x. We can help you increase the performance of your web application using well-tested optimization techniques.

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Load Testing

Improve user experience and prevent crashes in production.

Load testing your web applications gives you peace of mind that your application performance will not degrade under pressure. You are sure that the new feature that have been added or the bug fix will not degrade performance.

Load testing allows you to forecast performance issues and their impact in your web application before you go live. We will help you integrate load testing as part of the development life cycle so that you can detect performance issues, bottlenecks and errors early in the development cycle.

Scale up with confidence knowing exactly how many users your application can support.

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